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george macdonald's dream

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"I do not recall the exact time of my death,

but I remember that winter well"

 Aisling Sheòrais MhicDhòmhnaill: George MacDonald's Dream is a Gaelic short film directed and scored by MacGillivray and shot by cinematographer Anonymous Bosch (Swandown, By Our Selves, The Whalebone Box) on the Isle of Skye in 2014. Songs featured on the soundtrack include Lonely Dreamer from MacGillivray's 2014 record Once Upon A Dirty Ear. Supported by the RSA and Creative Scotland, Aisling Sheòrais MhicDhòmhnaill premiered at The Alchemy Film Festival, Scotland in 2015 and has since been screened at Newcastle Poetry Festival and the Glasgow Literary Festival.

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