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MacGillivray, a singer and protest poet who hails from the Scottish Highlands, has crafted a unique take on the image of Marilyn Monroe with her tune "Night Skin", which features on her forthcoming Once Upon a Dirty Ear LP. Over layers of lush electronic textures that form the ambiance of a nocturne, MacGillivray's echoey vocals unfold evocative lyrical images like, "She went swimming in diamonds / A thousand glimmer scratches to the skin / Peels it off at night time / Wears it just for him." The spacey flow of the tune is then capped off with a brooding drum sample, one that gives the music a Massive Attack-esque twist.

MacGillivray tells PopMatters, "'Night Skin' is the song that brought Hundred Acre Recordings and I together. It's a brutal little melody about a poolside Marilyn Monroe swimming through the glitter and stars of her own celluloid skin."


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