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A film by Rob Petit & Robert Macfarlane, scored by Hauschka with voice by Julie Fowlis, Niall Gòrdan & MacGillivray. Originally screened for BBC 4.

“Stunning… majestic… a timely reminder of Britain’s natural beauty amid the climate crisis.” - The Guardian.

“Entrancing…” - The Telegraph.

“Upstream, a new half-hour television film written by Robert Macfarlane and directed by Rob Petit, puts the viewer in the realm of that very different perception of time… I was going to describe the film’s beauty as unearthly; that, however, would be the very opposite of what I mean. Yes, Upstream brings us closer to a sense of the eternal, but its gaze is fixed on the ground beneath our feet.” - Richard Williams, The Blue Moment.

“Mesmerising…” - Tim Robey, Film Critic.

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