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MacGillivray is the Highland name of the extraordinary poet, artist and singer Kirsten Norrie. David Wheatley has said of her poems that they ‘come at us with one language wearing the pelt of another’. In The Gaelic Garden of the Dead she embarks on a voyage into arboreal myth, magic and folklore in Gaelic culture. It is the title-sequence of a three-part book published by Bloodaxe in 2019. This film was shown in Imram’s online Irish Language Literature Festival 2020 and features MacGillivray reading from the book in English and singing Scottish Gaelic songs to musical backdrops composed and performed by Séan Mac Erlaine, with visuals by artist Margaret Lonergan. Produced by Liam Carson. Film editing by Liam Grant. Premièred on 11 December 2020. Posted by permission of Imram with thanks to Liam Carson. 

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