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the last wolf of scotland

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Sitting Bull's great grandson, Ernie LaPointe, kindly agreed to allow me to record him reading from my debut poetry collection 'The Last Wolf of Scotland' (Red Hen, Los Angeles 2013/17) and discuss themes within the book relating to his ancestor. With a successful kickstarter campaign in late 2017, I was able to travel to South Dakota and meet Ernie and his wife, Sonja, who generously hosted me over three days. This record accompanies the poetry collection and forthcoming non-fiction publication from MIT/Strange Attractor. For those interested in the compelling message of Ernie LaPointe, a spiritual spokesperson of the Lakota People, a French film company are currently working on a documentary with him. His books, lectures and a fascinating biographical documentary tracking his experience as an orphan, a Vietnam veteran and the long, had road to becoming spiritual leader can be found here:

Recorded in the Sacred Black Hills, at Ernie and his wife Sonja's home in Lead and in the re-enactment town of Deadwood, the album draws on this juxtaposition of Wild West reinvention and Ernie's deep-seated Lakota knowledge, cutting the bone both ways. Thanks to: Henry Bell, Beth Lashley Rowell, Jordan Mackenzie and one anonymous other.

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